Corporate gifts

Certainly not a job for every potter, I enjoy production pottery, or making masses of similar items (and I do it the "old-fashioned" way, on the pottery wheel!). As an example, every year since 2004 I have been commissioned by the Wakonse Conference to produce 150 matching coffee mugs with logos for them to give as gifts to conference attendees. I feel privileged to meet the demand for handmade American products. I take pride in producing quality pottery to high standards which is lead-free and tested to be durable and food-safe. Yes, I charge more than the typical slipcasted "Made in China" mugs, but my custom made-to-order pieces are certainly worth it. At my wholesale prices, I challenge you to find a better quality product!

For wholesale pricing and more information please contact me, Karsten Ewald at

Karsten holding one of 175 matching Wakonse mugs